The Attention and Memory lab (A&M lab) was established in 2014 by Associate Professor Ciara Greene to explore the cognitive processes of attention and memory and the ways in which they interact in everyday life.  Our studies investigate topics such as the factors that predict false memory, the influence of emotional state on memory and the phenomenon of ‘inattentional blindness’ (i.e. the failure to notice unexpected objects in the environment). We use a range of techniques including behavioural measures, eyetracking, virtual reality and neuroimaging. Our research is funded by the Health Research Board, the Irish Research Council and the Fulbright Commission of Ireland.

  • Our mission is to advance current understanding of attention and memory processes.
  • Our lab also aims to apply well-established scientific theories and paradigms to real-world problems. These include eyewitness memory errors and susceptibility to ‘fake news’ as well as attentional failures while driving.
  • Please email us at for summer opportunities or to participate in one of our studies.

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