Hot off the presses! View preprints of our latest research on PsyArxiv

Preprints of our most recent papers are available via PsyArxiv and the Open Science Framework.

Please note that these papers have not yet been peer reviewed, so approach with caution, and please ask before citing in case there is a newer version available.

  • Greene, C.M. & Schacter, D.L. An episodic specificity interview enhances eyewitness identification under perceptual load and reduces susceptibility to misinformation. Under review at Memory & Cognition. Preprint available at
  • Suess, E. & Greene, C.M. Emotional face processing and autistic traits in the general population. Under review at Emotion. Preprint available at
  • Ó Donnchadha, S., Bramham, J. & Greene, C.M. Rethinking the association between overweight/obesity and ADHD in children and adolescents; a longitudinal and biopsychosocial perspective. Under review at PLoS ONE. Preprint available at

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